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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 31, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ the state attorney general's office says the san francisco crime lab tech accused of taking drug evidence won't be charged in the case. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. happy new year's eve. i've got the story of barricades, the story of bart schedules. police hoping your behavior will be a certain way. i've got everything except the beverage you need tonight coming up in a live report. >> clear skies for you for the most part allowing for
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temperatures to drop below freezing but then thickening clouds and rain for new year's. >> we're getting reports of an accident in hayward at southbound 880. details in a if you minutes. >> good morning, everyone. 5:01 on the last day of 2010. hope this year was good for you. hope next year is even better. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm in for kristen sze. thanks for joining us. everyone in australia, this is a live picture from sidney. you can see the harbor there and the fireworks going on. it's now 2011 down under. more than a million people have lined the harbor in sidney, the first major city where the new year arrives. they are ringing in the new year with music as you can hear and tons of fireworks. one tourist from brazil says sidney has a bigger and better party than anyone else in the world. the harbor bridge. that's beautiful! other cities may be disputing that. >> even at this early hour in
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san francisco, city crews are putting up barricades as part of the effort to maintain order in tonight's new year's eve party. police will be out enforce to handle the hundreds of thousands expected to squeeze in for a good look at our fireworks show. terry mcsweeney is live along the embarcadero with more. terry, police have some tips for you if you come in, right? >> yeah, they do. let's keep in mind that loving, touching and squeezing is okay on new year's eve between consenting adults. the squeezing we're talking about is squeezing into the embarcadero down here to look up and see the fireworks in the sky back there, and it is going to be a spectacular one if you can see it. i'll leave that to the weather department. take a look what it looked like last year. a darn good show last year. the fireworks in the air, truly a spectacular show along the embarcadero. it is a quarter of a million people expected down here to check it out. lots of police going to be down here as well and throughout the
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bay area cities. i don't want you to think it's just san francisco. barricades dropped off overnight. 2,000 sections of barricade going to be locked together about 4:00 this afternoon and they're gonna be helping police keep the peace out here. city police and the chp's main concern is drunk driving on this night associated with drinking. san francisco police also advising don't bring your cars and don't bring your guns. some people like to celebrate the new year with shooting guns into the air. of course what goes up must come down and when they come down, they can kill. there's no guns and no cars because it's going to be a premium on parking spots down here. it is going to be a log jam. it's going to be a mess. bart has a special schedule. to find out more on that go to and click on "see it on tv." oh, yeah, and by the way, starting at 8:00 tonight, muni, all muni free until tomorrow morning about 6:00. live in san francisco, terry
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mcsweeney abc 7 news. >> so, terry or johnny, don't bring your guns to town. >> don't have any. that's not a problem. rain, some drizzle tonight. >> just a little bit coming our way and this morning still some very cold temperatures. it's 32 napa. 31 right now in fairfield. 33 livermore. some clouds keeping it a little more south end of the bay and inside the bay 44 san francisco. so freezing cold this morning. we're going to switch that out for some increasing clouds. warmer tonight but then the rains coming your way. here is the time line. it's dry throughout the day. even the right home if you're working. but parts of san francisco will start to see some light rain and it's with us right through the overnight hours. >> okay. thanks, lisa. in other news this morning, police in the bay area have been involved in four shootings just this week. three people have died, including a man in san
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francisco. the city's police chief answered questions from the community about whether his officers acted properly. abc 7's amy holyfield tells us more. >> relative of the 47-year-old said they tried to tell police he suffers from mental illness. >> she told officers, my daughter is mental, okay? and two office pull my sister back and say i knew it. i can handle it. >> seconds later police shot and killed vin wii. george gascon was asked how officers are taught to deal with the mentally ill. he said 800 officers have gone through extensive training. >> that training by the way is being reevaluated. while it is high-quality, it's reevaluated to see what other areas it can be improved upon. >> gascon held the meeting to tell investigators what they
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know about the shooting. it appears to be a lawful shooting of a man armed with a scalpel. >> he raised the weapon. the officers gave him orders to drop it and stop. he was assaulting the officers. an officer-involved shooting occurred. >> there were some skeptical audience members who wanted to know more. >> the two officers and so one gentleman with the person that put the knife. >> you know, i don't have those answers for you. >> the question of tasers was also raised. the police chief supports using them but the police commission has not authorized arming officers with them. >> yes, i believe that a taser is a better option. unfortunately that is not an option that we have today. >> but the police commission is holding firm in her stance against tasers. >> the code has medication or alcohol in their system, having them tasered can result in someone dying. >> she would like to see the
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health department work with the police department and give officers information about a mentally ill patient before they get to the scene. she says the police commission will talk about how police handle the meantly ill at a meeting in january. >> there was a fatal police shooting in hayward yesterday. officers were called about a landlord/tenant dispute. when they arrived, a man pulled a knife and a officer shot and killed him. the dead man is believed to be the landlord. the officer is on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. >> the crime lab scandal that rocked san francisco earlier this year has come to a close. deborah madden will not face criminal charges for stealing small amounts of cocaine from the lab. there simply wasn't enough evidence to charge her. but city officials say they are extremely disappointed with this decision. >> why was the crime lab closed after she retired? if it was just a problem with her, obviously there would not
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have been a need to do that. >> very disappointed. thought we had a good case. i recognize that it's complex and i recognize that we work under a different standard. for police work under probable cause. >> more than 600 drug cases were dismissed in the fallout from the scandal. madden still has a pending felony possession charge for a small amount of cocaine detectives say they found in her home. >> it's 5:08 now. a california company is recalling some organic ground beef that may be contaminated with e-coli bacteria. it's first class foods organic ground beef. each recalled package has the establishment number seen on your screen, est-18895 on the label. 34,000 pounds are being recalled in california and five other states. so far no reports of anybody getting sick from the meat. >> the state of california is
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beginning the new year with some new laws starting saturday. possession of an ounce or less of marijuana will only be in a fraction. still $100 fine but no jail time. also california is requiring baked goods be made in the state, baked goods made in the state have no trans fat. all traffic tickets in the state will add an extra $4 fee to pay for air ambulances and the state will add to some federal changes making it easier for parents to get health insurance for children with a preexisting medical condition. >> the annual bay to breakers race in san francisco is celebrating a major milestone in the new year. the 12-k run turns 100 years old. to celebrate organizers will hold a ceremonial run tomorrow. runners will take off from embarcadero and market streets at 10 a.m.. the new year's day run also serves as a chance for general registration for the real race which is scheduled for may 15th. the race will be limited to 50,000 entrants.
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>> it's the last day of 2010. let's see what our weather's going to be like. >> we can see from terry mcsweeney out there that it's cold. he's bundled up pretty good, lisa. >> there's a good reason. we have temperatures dropping below freezing this morning. a little fog in santa rosa with napa's wind chill in the upper tos. numbers dropped another degree at our coast and almost everywhere around the bay. just as cold as it was yesterday. we have a few more clouds, mountain view 42. 43 san jose. we're not going to see much warming today at all. we still have that cold northwest flow that has brought the cooler air from the gulf of alaska settled in. but it's that system that will bring some rain our way. headed to the mountains, boy, it's really going to be cold with highs in the upper 20s. minus 9 in truckee. waking up this morning with numbers below zero. back home by 8:00 just 50s, san
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francisco noontime temperatures still upper 40s with the chance of showers. mainly holding off until later on today. 54 palo alto with 52 morgan hill. a look ahead with rain for your new year's day and just a chance of showers into sunday and monday and then looks drier and milder into the new work week of the new year. >> starting off the morning with an accident just now cleared out of the roadway in hayward. this is southbound 880 right at ace street. then we're going to look here. this is a reminder that not only is new year's eve going to be a mess down at the embarcadero but also critical mass that's going to be there right at the embarcadero right along the waterfront there and of course the midnight fireworks show you can expect a lot of traffic there. the toll plaza now you'll see it's friday light and new year's eve light as well. we're going to take a look at your mass transit because most
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are on holiday schedule today and all are running on time. we're going back to eric and jenelle. >> sue hall in for frances dinglasan. i believe that's beyond holiday light. >> record prices at the gas pump might just be the beginning. the "moneyscope" report is just ahead. >> why weight watchers says for the first time a calorie is not a calorie. >> the efforts to help flood victims in australia after several days oflllllllllllllllll
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with an encouraging sign for the job market heading into the new year. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits fell by 34,000 last week dropping below 400,000. that's the lowest level in more than two years. gas prices are near a record for this time of year but the pain of the pump may just be beginning. the former president of shell oil is predicting prices will reach $5 by 2012. the chick recovery will push up demand for oil worldwide. barnes & noble is selling more digital books than physical books on its website. customers downloaded more e-books on christmas day alone. own is expected to earn $20 million a month.
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that's your "moneyscope" report. >> other news, two breaches in san mateo are still closed more than a week after unsafe levels of bacteria were found in the water there. testing by health officials found a high level of contamination in the marina lagoon. the beaches were closed december 22nd and will remain closed until at least monday. >> in northeast australia, the military is dropping supplies from aircraft to people who have been cut off by severe flooding caused by several days of unrelenting rain. thousands of businesses and homes were underwater in queensland. it's estimated 200,000 people are affected leaving more than 20 towns in the state isolated. the flood zone stretches over an area bigger than france and germany combined. >> i was up there last month and i was also stuck in queensland because the roads were washed out. hanging out waiting for the levels to go down and we were able to cross. >> after your helicopter came
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and picked you up. >> he wasn't available because the forecast was so bad. i couldn't get the chopper to come in -- just kidding, folks. >> next time. right now cold temperatures out there. >> no flooding rains or anything, just some nuisance showers. as we head outside, boy, it's cold with temperatures continuing to drop throughout the next couple of hours. already below freezing in some spots and we are looking at temperatures to stay rather cold today. in fact, this northwest flow has brought this chilly air mass from the gulf of alaska. our next weather system coming from that direction as well and that's why it doesn't have a whole lot of moisture with it. 31 fairfield, 32 napa. northeast wind making it feel 28. 31 santa rosa with livermore checking in at 32. 43 san francisco and san jose. so freezing cold temperatures this morning. clouds will continue to thicken this afternoon and rain arrives just before midnight keeping it
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kind of wet and sloppy even until about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. it's a cold front and it will begin to spill the clouds over in our direction as high pressure gives away. and we will be looking at a chilly rain throughout the later evening hours. in fact, we're looking at rain beginning before midnight in the north bay. statewide though if you want to get to the sierra nevada or sacramento anywhere from north to south it looks dry with sunshine los angeles. 58 there. 54 in palm springs with still cold numbers in the mountains. upper 30s for yosemite and las vegas with 50 around reading. staying cloudy throughout the afternoon. rain to increase by the evening hours and that's about 7:00, 8:00 around sonoma county and by 9:00 it should be raining from marin county and just about to start in san francisco, if not by 9:00, certainly by 10:00,
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11:00 and keeping the risk of showers throughout the overnight hours. see that on and off rain shower activity through new year's day. highs today the low 50s. extra clouds later in the afternoon. 52 redwood city. 50 half moon bay. san francisco just about the same as yesterday although you'll notice a few more clouds this afternoon. only upper 40s cloverdale and calistoga. near east bay checking in at 49 richmond, 52 union city and out over the hills, boy, a cool afternoon with 48 brentwood and down by the monterey bay, staying dry all day. 53 salinas. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. rain for late tonight into new year's day and then we look at spotty showers for the rest of the weekend. slight chance on monday. is there anybody out there at all this morning, sue? >> it's really light, lisa, i'm telling you. friday night and new year's eve light. southbound 680 headed into
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walnut creek and really very -- i think a lot of people are sleeping in as they should today. southbound 280 into san jose. just one car passing through your screen there. it's moving well. no accidents or stalls to report. the bay bridge toll plaza, just a few cars coming into san francisco. that's going to change later on this evening when we've got the big fireworks celebration along the wharf. bart is on holiday schedule, will extend hours to 3 a.m. for partyers. golden gate transit on holiday schedule and for all the up to the minute traffic reports you can go to >> time now 5:20. weight watchers has a new program for the millions of people beginning their new year's resolutions tomorrow to lose weight. it's called point plus. it's the first time in 50 years a diet company is saying a calorie is not a calorie. it assigns a number to foots.
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an apple for example, two points. now assigned lower because it has to turn into energy. foods higher get higher points because the body processes them more easily and stores them as fat. >> i got it. >> so add up all your points. >> thank you very much. 5:21. next how the octomom and her 14 children might be saved from eviction. >> why the south bay man is about to get his first unscheduled day off in 32 years.
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>> welcome back, everyone. you're looking at a live picture of time square in new york city where there's going to be a big father tonight. it's dick clark's rockin' new year's eve hosted by ryan
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seacrest. new kids on the block, backstreet boys. >> '80s flashback. >> we're going to get your traffic conditions and forecast in a few minutes. >> over a million people will pack into what you saw there, time square, to watch the ball drop but they won't get the chance to see a tv star drop inside of another ball. mtv wanted to put nicole of jersey shore inside of a ball and drop it from the network's headquarters at the crossroads of the world. but the organizers of the official new year's eve celebration objected so snookie will still take part in the stunt on mtv's new year's eve bash but she'll do so in seaside heights, new jersey, which is the setting for jersey shore. >> more fitting, probably. octomom and her 14 children could be saved from eviction if she gets help from a porn king.
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she owes $450,000 on her los angeles area home and a bank is threatening foreclosure. but porn king steve her shall is offering to by the house so the octomom can continue living there? why? he wants to get the octomom to appear in her porn videos. she has repeatedly declined her housing but fixing her housing woes could open it up for discussion again. >> the third person in command of the santa clara sheriff's deputy has never called in sick and never had an unscheduled day off. now after 32 years on the job, assistant sheriff is retiring. the 56-year-old spent yesterday cleaning out his office and today he'll be a no-show at work which is something he hasn't been since 1978. >> i was asked the other day does that mean you've never been sick. no, i've been sick. i'm one of those weird guys when i've got the flu, it's usually always happened on my weekends.
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>> he's getting a lump sum for his unused sick days of $59,000 along with the cash, his pension will allow him to collect 90% of his salary which is $185,000 for the rest of his life. >> he's a hard worker. >> he is a hard worker. >> that's amazing. >> next at 5:30, a san francisco crime lab technician accused of stealing drugs gets a big break. why the top cop won't bring charges against her. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live along the embarcadero in san francisco. first in line to see tonight's spectacular fireworks show, now there are some dos and some don'ts about coming down here. we'll have them all coming up in a live report. >> next at 5:30, the changes for caltrain commuters in the new year. >> showers, thunderstorms and
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freezing rain into the midwest while the northeast stays quiet. if you need more weather information, check out our website. we have our flight tracker there. búbúbúgtoaoaoaos
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the state attorney general decides a lab tech that took down the crime lab won't be charged in the case. >> i'm terry mcsweeney along the embarcadero in san francisco. by myself right now but in just a few hours add about a quarter million people, all kinds of fireworks and a lot of cops. i'll tell you what they're going to be looking for coming up in a live report. >> it's already 2011 in new zealand. australia, one of the first places to ring in the new year.
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>> clear skies and freezing cold temperatures across the bay area. thickening clouds and rain for your parties next. >> thank you, lisa. it is not only cold but it's pretty light out there this morning. a lot of people sleeping in. if you're coming into san francisco to celebrate, we'll run down your mass transit as well as more holiday and traffic reports coming to you later on. >> see how light the toll plaza is behind sue there. >> hardly anybody on the roads. >> thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm jenelle wang in for kristen sze. happy new year's eve. the countdown begins just 18 and a half hours from now. people in the bay area will be ringing in the new year. here in san francisco, hundreds of thousands of people are expected along the embarcadero to watch the big fireworks show and police will be out in full force. terry mcsweeney is live along the embarcadero with more. terry? >> yeah. and police are saying in a nutshell they're here to protect you from others and from yourself. don't drink too much. don't driven and drive.
5:31 am
and they're saying this year making a very clear point to say don't bring your celebratory firearm with you. no guns tolerated. take a look wherever's coming later to see the fireworks display along the embarcadero. it is a tradition here in san francisco. should be spectacular. a quarter million people expected and lots of police. throughout the bay area cities after all the different fireworks displays, barricades dropped off overnight. 2,000 sections of barricades to maintain some semblance of order. and police vowing to do the rest. listen to the chief. >> we want people to come to san francisco. we want people to have fun. but we want people to be safe. it's going to be a high level of deployment for new year's eve. a lot of people from our administrative bureau volunteer and are working that night. we have also moved around our shift in order to increase our
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deployment without having to increase our overtime expenditures because we don't have the money to spend. >> i know you've heard this message before about police out in force on these big nights such as new year's eve and when it comes to drinking and driving there is no bigger night than this. don't drink and drive tonight. bart has a special schedule. go to check it on "see it on tv." muni is offering absolutely free service. that's the street cars, that's the buses, that's the cable cars starting at 8:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning. you need to get somewhere, forget the car, hop on a bus, won't cost you a dime. it will save you thousands of dollars perhaps. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> might also save a life, terry. it's 5:32. the former san francisco crime lab technician who admitted to taking cocaine evidence will not be facing state charges.
5:33 am
deborah madden still has a pending felony possession charge for a small amount of cocaine detectives say they found in her home but as for her role in one of the biggest san francisco stories of the year, it is now a closed case. cecilia vega reports. >> the technician at the center of san francisco's drug lab scandal admitted to investigators she took small amounts of cocaine evidence home with her, more than 600 drug cases were tossed in the fallout. the chief of police ordered the crime lab shuttered. but they're not filing criminal charges and it's a decision that baffles san francisco police and public officials. >> this is a case with a great deal of complexity but we feel very comfortable it was certainly -- she committed the acts being alleged. i don't wanna second guess the prosecution in this case. >> the decision by state attorney general jerry brown's
5:34 am
office was made weeks ago but madden's attorney just found out today. the attorney general's office said there was not enough evidence to prosecute the veteran lab tech. >> she unfairly became it's face of the crime lab problems. it definitely was not an issue with my client. what we've seen is that the crime lab and the san francisco police department have serious problems. >> san francisco district attorney carmella hair riles recused her office in the case in april and asked the state attorney general to investigate. harris is set to be sworn in as the new attorney general on monday. the a. g.'s office pushed to resolve the investigation before she took over. the public defender called the decision outrageous. >> this is the kind of situation where the public scratch that head and say is this a double standard. is this a situation where a police employee who admitted to removing drugs from the crime lab gets off the hook. >> now, we asked the attorney
5:35 am
general's office why this nearly month-old decision is just being made public. a spokes woman said in this case the agency's duty was only to notify the district attorney's office because that is the agency that requested this outside investigation. meanwhile madden's attorney says she has been on pins and needles waiting to find out her fate. >> san francisco police continue to face questions over whether they should carry tasers two days after shooting a man inside his home. they insist they tried to tell officers he suffered from mental illness when they responded to a report of a stabbing on wednesday. the officers opened fire on him after they say they ordered him to drop a knife but he apparently kept moving towards them. police chief george gascon answered questions about the shooting during a community meeting last night.
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>> gascon supports equipping his officers with tasers but the police commission hasn't authorized that yet. >> 5:36. a santa cruz woman escaped from a violent attacker in a convenience store parking lot early yesterday. here's a photo of the suspect taken gist before the attack at a 7/11 on laurel street. he struck the woman several times and dragged her by the dumpsters and tried to sexually assault her. that's when she got away and ran back into the store for help. here's another look at the suspect. santa cruz police are still unsure whether he knew his victim. >> caltrain will ring in the new year with fare hikes and service cuts. starting saturday all fares will rise by 25 cents a zone. that means a trip between san francisco and san jose will cost you 75 cents more each way. caltrain will also shrink its weekday schedule from 90 to 86 trains but it is trying
5:37 am
something new that could please passengers, baby bullet trains on the weekends. that makes the trip from san jose in san francisco about an hour cutting a half hour off the current trip. >> san francisco muni operators and transit brass will sit down after the new year to hammer out several labor issues. the city officials plan to meet behind closed doors twice next month to discuss contract negotiations. the current contract expires in june. this marks the first time the two sides will negotiate since voters passed measure g back in november. that new law gives management more leverage in setting working conditions while eliminating automatic raises for muni employees. >> if you're outside right now, it is freezing. i was out yesterday morning and i thought i was gonna freeze to death. i survived. >> but you looked warm. that's the important thing. you gotta look warm. >> these temperatures are low. let's check with lisa argen in
5:38 am
for mike nicco. >> what's her name. (laughter) >> starting with temperatures in the low 30s. still gonna drop a couple more degrees before about 8:00 because the sun's not coming up until 7:25. that cold air mass has been in place for the past couple days. freezing in napa, a little light wind there allowing for a windchill in the upper 20s. 39 redwood city with clouds around the south bay. 42 mountain view. a little warmer san jose 43. so freezing cold with the clouds thickening this afternoon. if you like that sunny, cool part of the day get out there early because it will be getting a little cloudy in the afternoon. the rain holding off until later on tonight. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite. the system offshore. pretty weak. not going to see much snow. so heading to the sierra nevada, shouldn't be any problems. 6:00 tonight you may notice a stray shower heading into sonoma
5:39 am
county. by 11:00 tonight, pretty wet out there and new year's day some light shower activity. that's going kind of fast but we are looking at scattered showers not only for new year's day into sunday. the rest of the weekend. and then by monday things really beginning to dry out. so temperatures, boy, they're cold this morning in the sierra but just a few light snow showers over the weekend. good morning, sue. >> good morning, lisa. i think folks are staying home and bundling up in bed, the right place to be. not only friday light but holiday light as well. an early accident in hayward. that's been cleared out. no delays there at all. if you're coming to san francisco tonight, not only will it be the new year and partyers along the embarcadero but also critical mass about 6:15, all the bikers at herman plaza. the toll plaza it is very light. coming to the city again, bart will run extended service until 3 a.m.. >> time now 5:39.
5:40 am
>> did you hear the envy in your voice when she said maybe people are staying at home bundled up in bed. 5:40. still ahead, a decision expected today where the next america's cup will be held. is san francisco still the front runner? >> a historic wind down on the farm. stanford ends the longest winning streak in division one college basketball.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> welcome back. a live picture at sfo. no delays in the bay area at any of the airports, san jose, san francisco or oakland. if you're flying to chicago, some delays there. call ahead and check your flight. we're gonna look at -- get a check on our weather forecast and any traffic concerns in a few minutes. >> today san francisco should find out whether it will host the next america's cup yacht race. the decision is in the hands of last year's cup winner billionaire larry ellison, the ceo of redwood shores based oracle. according to the san francisco chronicle, the deal is all but done in the city's favor. initially it looked like clear sailing for san francisco but things went adrift over differences about which pier to base the yacht race on.
5:44 am
ellison reopened talks with newport, rhode island, but newport says it needs more time to come up with an offer. >> the new year's eve celebration started a bit early for stanford women's basketball team. (cheers and applause) >> the cardinals ended connecticut's winning streak at 90 games in front of a sold out crowd at maple pavilion. u.conn had more wins until the cardinals notched their upset 71-59. >> i'm really proud of our team. the atmosphere was phenomenal. we really, you know, i think our team really stepped up for that. >> the last time u.conn lost before last night also came to stanford back in april 2008 when the cardinals defeated the husbandries in the ncaa semifinals. >> stanford may have the number
5:45 am
now though. 5:44. ringing in the new year with more expensive champagne. the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> it's already 2011 down under. how sidney, australia, brought in the new year. >> a new year brings new weather problems. i'm emil
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> good morning. starting out once again cold across the bay area.
5:48 am
a few clouds south end of the bay and we'll see increasing clouds with a chance of showers locally tonight. elsewhere look for some sunshine in the sierra nevada. need it. only a high of 26. upper 50s los angeles with 54 palm springs. rain showers around for the weekend. i'll have your forecast coming up. eric? >> lisa, thank you. it's 5:48 now. rescues found the body of a missing snowboarder yesterday. shante willis was about 400 feet off a trail in a wilderness area at the back of the alpine resort. she was stuck in snow at the base of a tree and the deputies believe she crashed there while snow boarding in near blizzard conditions. >> the northeast may be one of the few regions across the country to enjoy good weather this new year's eve but another blizzard is taking aim at the midwest with phoenix expecting a rare freeze and the south ready for severe weather. emily schmidt halls the latest.
5:49 am
>> on the eve of the new year the weather is beginning to feel a little old. >> we know the weather is going to be bad but we didn't think it was gonna be like that bad. >> snow fell in arizona's grand canyon and in seattle the roads were so icy small hills turned into insurmountable obstacles. >> one solution, jamming rocks under the wheels and leaving cars behind. >> i started sliding down the hill. >> the storm system causing all these problems is huge. more than 1500 miles from top to bottom covering roads in 15 states. >> i'm sure glad i bought snow tires this week. >> been terrible. long hours, a lot of calls. >> they've been swamped. denver drivers tried to navigate through 3 feet of snow and even fargo, north dakota, an area accustomed to winter weather had a pileup along i-94. californians are dealing with
5:50 am
rain damage from last week. >> my insurance company's already denied any help whatsoever. >> and more damage this week. mudslides caused a boulder to block the main entrance of yosemite national park yesterday. the tournament of roses parade organizers say the weather looks good. in new york city's time square, a place slammed by a blizzard earlier in the week, things are looking up for when the ball drops. a predicted 40 degrees at midnight. emily schmidt, abc news. >> gets me wondering what's our temperatures now. >> 40s. a couple cities in the 40s. mainly in the 30s around the bay. really cold out there. a couple 20s yesterday. temperatures will continue to drop through the 8:00 hour. the 7:00 hour, maybe recover at
5:51 am
8:00. dark and cold but at least we're holding on to a little heat inside the bay. we are looking at a lit windchill factor in napa. it's 32. with the northeast wind at 6:00, it feels like it's in the upper 20s. 32 livermore valley and some 30s redwood city, fremont 37, half moon bay 37 degrees for you. so freezing cold temperatures this morning, increasing clouds this afternoon. and then rain arrives just in time to usher in the new year. we'll see rain probably by about 10:00, 11:00 around the bay area. so here's the satellite picture that shows high pressure offshore, gave us sunshine yesterday. today pretty much the same story until the front moves across the bay. that's gonna happen later on tonight. so we are looking at the rain which will allow for temperatures to be a little warmer tonight but it's going to be a little messy. 6:00 tonight maybe sonoma county
5:52 am
looking at a stray shower. as we go through the evening hours it's dry but by 10:00, 11:00, light rain overspreading the entire bay area, even into the east bay. the santa cruz mountains and by saturday morning if you have plans, the rain becomes more scattered. that's good. doesn't look like a total washout but then look what happens by sunday morning. we're looking at more rain, especially half moon bay, santa cruz, morgan hill into the east bay. so kind of rainy again on sunday but then by monday more scattered showers activity. looks like we will begin to dry out and warm up a little. into the mountains, cold will definitely be the word for the next several days. some scattered snow showers and slowly modifying temperatures for the weekend but look at those overnight lows. below zero this morning. for your forecast tonight headed downtown, mid to upper 40s are the cloud cover and chance of rain pier 14.
5:53 am
52 today in san jose with sunshine early. later on you see the increasing clouds, 51 san mateo. san francisco coming in about 51 later on with north bay numbers even cooler. how about 48 for your high in santa rosa. 48 vallejo. upper 40s richmond. about 52 union city and fremont. so sunshine early but really not warming up that much with 48 concord, 49 livermore and down by the monterey bay, staying dry throughout the afternoon and evening hours and rain and 53. the rain late tonight into saturday and more scattered new year's day. slowly we'll warm up by next week. good morning, sue. >> good morning, lisa. a lot of folks are sleeping in. light traffic conditions around the bay area. that's good news if you're out and about. a picture here of southbound 101. this is lucas valley road about right here. it's moving well all the way
5:54 am
into san francisco as you cross the golden gate bridge. no problem. let's take a look at walnut creek southbound 680. a little more traffic there but no delays, no reports of stalls or accidents. the intersection of bixler and buyer roads we have an injury accident, medical helicopter en route. very light traffic, no problems coming into san francisco at this hour. that's going to change later on. bart's running extended service until 3 a.m. this morning. for up to the minute traffic, always check out jenelle, eric? >> sue, thanks so much. time now 5:54. >> managing your home lights and locks from your phone? and a banner year for investors. >> here's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. forget to turn off the lights before heading out of town? verizon says don't worry. it's testing a home monitoring service that let's you lock doors, see what's happening at home using cameras on a network and some things like lights and thermostats from the smart
5:55 am
phone, computer or bio-tv service. one of the gee whiz demos in las vegas next week. has yet another thing to say gee whiz about. beat out google to be the most visited website for 2010. also a banner year for investments despite yesterday. the s & p up 13% for the year and the first time since 2005 that as a group stocks, bonds, the commodities all gain. orange juices up almost 40% and dow jones saying it's likely to raise prices for minute-maid in 2011. six weeks after the gm-ipo, may know better by it's old name gmac. made a change that sees how quickly it can sell its stake and get back some of the $17 billion bailout money to keep the company afloat. more people ringing in the new year with an expensive bottle of
5:56 am
bubbly. high end champagne coming back with the economy. on that note, happy new year. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> it's 5:55 now. you may remember the song it's always 6:00 somewhere. today it will always be midnight on new year's eve somewhere. (cheers and applause) >> this was midnight in new zealand where fireworks lit up the sky and hundreds of thousands celebrated the clock striking midnight in new zealand's capital. it happens to be the first large country in the world to celebrate the new year. the first major or big world city to ring in the new year is neighboring sidney, australia. more than a million people gathered along the sidney harbor bridge just about an hour ago to welcome 2011. >> oh! so exciting, so much fun. just ahead at 6 a.m. a may tradition coming in january. >> the milestone that will have
5:57 am
bay to breakers running charging through san francisco tomorrow. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live along the embarcadero in san francisco. barricades are here. gonna be locked up in a few hours but it's not just barricades police want you to be aware ofssssssssssssssssssssssst
5:58 am
5:59 am
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